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Welcome to The Geek Letter!

The geek letter #1: Introducing my weekly letter to you about content creation and nerd stuff.

Photo by Katherine Hood / Unsplash

Hello to 832 peeps! Long time no write :)

I've been hard at work on multiple fronts, and I've been planning to set aside some time to write a weekly newsletter again.

The stars seem to align to help me make this newsletter work again, and I hope you'll enjoy it!

The Geek Letter will be sent weekly on Fridays. Usually, I'll send it around 8 AM EST.

So, let's begin with the fun stuff, shall we?

Exandria Unlimited Calamity Interview Planning

A few days ago, I reached out to Brennan Lee Mulligan for an interview about Calamity. He's down for it, but we need to get it to happen through the proper PR channels.

I'm hoping to have some updates about it next week! In the meantime, I have a community post on my YouTube channel where you can throw in your questions for Brennan!

Dimension 20: Coffin Run Interview Planning

I have reached out to Jasmine Bhullar for an interview about Coffin Run, too. It's still in the planning phases. We should lock it sometime soon too.

In the meantime, I have a YouTube short for questions for Jasmine as well. The video was published right after the trailer dropped, but since then, she tentatively agreed to an interview. More updates soon!

More Creator Interview Series Coming Soon!

If there's one thing I need more than anything in my content creation business, is a video editor that can free up my time.

I currently have two interviews I need to edit and post on the channel. One is with Zulie Rane - a writer and YouTuber with 17k followers on YT and around 50k followers on

She's the embodiment of a content creator who makes a living without a day job and she inspires a lot of my work.

The other is Scott Niswander better known as NerdSync. He's such a funny guy and I loved our conversation! He has more than 500k YT subscribers and he's one of my favorite nerds in the world.

And on Sunday I'm interviewing James Burns - the Editor in Chief of SUPERJUMP. I've contributed to SUPERJUMP in the past and it recently moved out of Medium to become an independent publication (using Ghost*, just like me!)

So, lots on my plate aside from the elephant in the room - my day job in software engineering ;)

I Reviewed Lifeline: Beside You In Time!

The game is amazing! You can find it on your device's app store. Here's my review of it:

Lifeline: Beside You In Time Mobile Game Review
The newest game in the Lifeline series is already here, and it’s incredible. Here’s my review!

Dragon Crowns Short Stories will start in July!

I'm planning to start sending short stories during July that happen in my fantasy world. If you want to get them, do either of the following:

  1. reply to my email and let me know and I'll take care of it for you.
  2. visit and log in with the email you received this newsletter on, and then click on the account button to manage your newsletters. There you can turn Dragon Crowns on. That's it!

That's it for this week!

Thanks so much for reading! if you want to reach out to me, you can either:

  1. Reply to my email.
  2. Tweet at me on Twitter (theorencohen_)

If you're here from YouTube or Twitter, I highly recommend you sign up for the newsletter so you'll always know what content I'm planning next!

Thanks so much for reading! I'll catch you next week,

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