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So I Started a Podcast

The Geek Letter #4 where I tell you about the podcast I started.

Hello geeks!

I'll make this a short one today since I'm already sending it late.

Here are the main highlights from this week:

Creator Interview

This week I published a creator interview with Jasmine Bhullar about Coffin Run, the season that just wrapped up yesterday! You can check it out below! If you haven't seen the finale yet, there's a D20 roll by the end of this episode followed by a hint about the finale (because I rolled a 19 on the die).


The Geek Writer Podcast

Many of my viewers requested that I also publish audio-only versions of my interviews since nobody has time to watch 40 minutes of video doing nothing else - so using this podcast, I can slide into your day jobs or commutes ;)

I also published an exclusive episode of an interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan - the first one we ever did in 2019 - on this podcast! Just as a treat for my podcast listeners. Enjoy!

That's it for this week!

There were other plans for this week too but they didn't come to pass. Hopefully next week I can share them with you!

Much love,

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