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Achievement Unlocked: 2000 Subscribers on YouTube

The Geek Letter #3 - this one is about dealing with criticism!

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Happy Friday to 834 geeks! Welcome back to another Geek Letter!

It's another sunny day and I'm back at my favorite spot drinking my favorite shake and writing to my favorite people - YOU!

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As you might have understood from the title, today's a happy day. I have reached 2000 YouTube subscribers this week and there's cause for celebration. But I also want to take you on a journey of dealing with the darker parts of this achievement.

Let's begin, shall we?

New Schedule for the YouTube Channel

After I reached 2000 subs on YouTube, I decided to start an experiment with content-focused days. Here's the new schedule:

  • Tuesday - Creator Interview.
  • Wednesday - Content Creation Tip.
  • Thursday - Nerdy Review.

No Nerdy Review This Week

This week I skipped the nerdy review in favor of a poll. So far, it's doing well and I guess next Thursday I'll publish a review of The Way of Kings:

Screenshot from author's community tab on YouTube.

This Week's Creator Interview

This week, the interview was with Scott Niswander. An amazing nerd and one of my favorite humans on the planet. We talked about content creation, the struggles on the creative journey, branding, Scott's secrets, and more!

Check it out here:

Author's YouTube Channel.

This Week's Content Creation Tip

This week, I decided to start with one tip I heavily use and share my process of creating YouTube thumbnails with Canva:

Author's YouTube Channel

State of The Interviews

Here's everything going on with interviews right now!

Interviews in post-production

  1. Zulie Rane - A freelance writer who stopped working a full-time job in favor of content creation (18k subs on YouTube and 50k followers on Medium).
  2. James Burns - Editor in chief of SUPERJUMP Magazine - a remarkable publication focused on video games.

Scheduled Interviews

  1. Flutes and Opal from FlutesLoot - a creative duo focused on content creation and e-commerce in the D&D niche (YouTube channel with almost 4k subs, a website, and a RedBubble store). This interview happens this Saturday.
  2. Jasmine Bhullar (a.k.a ThatBronzeGirl) - The DM for Dimension 20's latest season - Coffin Run. This interview took a while to schedule, but it's finally happening this Sunday, and hopefully, I'll finish editing it for the creator interview slot on Tuesday.
  3. Richard from Improvement Pill - Richard is a YouTuber focused on self-improvement. This is the first YouTuber I will interview with more than a million subscribers on YouTube (Richard currently has 2.94 million subscribers as of writing these words). This interview is happening this Tuesday.

In addition to these, there are more planned interviews. I'm very excited that I get to meet all of these fantastic people!

Weekend Thought That Sticks

This week, the thought that stuck with me was pretty dark and negative. But isn't it always the case? We tend to appreciate the positive things in our lives way less than we dwell on the negatives.

Earlier this week, I received this comment on my latest interview with Brennan:

Screenshot from Author's YouTube Channel

I took my time responding to this comment. I could have easily just deleted it as spam. But then what would that do? This person would have ammo against me that I can't take criticism and that I delete comments that I don't like.

And you know what? It's my YouTube channel, I can do whatever I want. But I decided against it.

Instead of deleting the comment, I replied:

Screenshot from Author's YouTube Channel

And yet, a grain of doubt remained with me. Am I doing a bad job? Am I in over my head? Do people just tolerate me?

Reaching 2000 subscribers has been a good indicator that I'm in the right direction and that people like what I'm producing. I was upset that this person managed to throw me off and make me question my youtube journey. On the other hand, I'm glad it happened because people could be much meaner than that comment. And as a Highly Sensitive Person, I need to develop ways to deal with the anxiety that will inevitably come with dealing with that negative energy.

If you're dealing with this kind of situation from time to time, make sure to also take time to focus on the good things. And if the criticism is supposed to help, then perhaps it's a good thing that can help. Otherwise, feel free put the person in their place.

And if you need someone to talk to about it, feel free to reach out! I got you :)

I need some help with YouTube-associated costs

Lately, I've been finding myself going to bed later and later. I finished editing my interview with Brennan by 2 AM. I'm still working a full-time job to support myself, but as the days go by, I realize more and more than a YouTube channel is a fully-fledged business. And unfortunately, Adsense doesn't pay the bills.

My costs include editing the videos and buying professional captioning. Making videos more accessible has more benefits than just including disabled people so it's a kind decision but also a good business decision.

Unfortunately, professional captioning costs money that I don't have. And using AI software, which I tried before buying the captions for Brennan's interview - was horrible. We're still not there yet for the fiction-related videos. Where a human can understand a fictional term from the context, an AI still can't.

Bottom line, if I made AI captions and then needed to go over them and fix them, then I have maybe gained captions but I lost a lot of time.

And another thing that keeps wasting my time is video editing. I have become pretty decent doing editing but it can still take HOURS to finish editing an interview of one hour.

A professional editor can help in two ways:

  1. raise the quality of my videos.
  2. save me a lot of time.

Let's do a little calculation

The professional captioning for Brennan's video which was 40 minutes long cost me $170. Most of my interviews are longer, so let's say the average cost of professional captioning is $200.

I'm publishing one interview every week. That means for a month of four weeks, I'd spend $800 just on captioning. Now take the 2-3 hours it takes me to edit each video and that takes another 8-12 hours of editing during the month.

This is just post-production costs.

This is why I'm opening Patreon and YouTube Memberships

I only have one tier for now at $5. Let's say I can find an editor who will take me $150 to edit an hour-long video. That means that with the earlier $800 on captioning, I will have to cover $1400 (800+600) each month that I have four interviews.

That means 280 patrons or YT members could cover those expenses for me. But I'm not aiming that high. Even 10 patrons could still be an extra boost.

I don't intend to hire a video editor until I know I can cover their expenses and 150 dollars was just an assumption on my part. Maybe it costs a lot more?

In any case, every dollar helps. If I can cover even one professionally edited video a month, that's going to be amazing and still save me time. I'll leave the links to both Patreon and YT Memberships below. If you can't help, a share on social media would be amazing.

What's in it for you?

I'll include the names of my supporters in my videos' outro and you'll also get early access to my interview buffer (because I publish only one per week). And also, discord server stuff that I'm thinking about.

Regardless of your choice, you're amazing, and thank you for being part of this journey.


YouTube Membership:

Want to support without a recurring payment? Here's my Kofi page:

Quote of The Week

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” – Tony Robbins

This quote made its way to me via google the other day and I was very touched by the reality of the words. It's so easy to think about doing stuff, but only when you finally get stuff done, does your journey continues. Hopefully, every day that goes by, I can take another step forward.

Thanks for being part of this journey :)

That's it for today!

This has been long enough for today. Thanks for reading! Just a short reminder that you can get any post I publish on this blog by managing your newsletters and ticking the "give me everything you got" newsletter. Instead of getting just the weekly emails.

Much love,

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