The Geek Writer is Open For Submissions

The Geek Writer is Open For Submissions

Do you love to write about Video Games, TV shows, Books or Geek Culture in general? I want to offer your words a home!

Perks of becoming a writer for The Geek Writer:

  • A pass on your work with Grammarly Premium and other such tools to enhance your message.
  • Free editing of your piece before publication.
  • Free promotion of your work on Twitter, email and other channels - email when the piece is published and Twitter for a long while after the piece is published (a few weeks at least).
  • Free Discord access to The Geek Writer's Writer Lounge where you can meet and network with other writers, give and receive feedback on your work, and generate new ideas.
  • Author page where you can include ways to contact you, social media links, and your own website.
  • SEO Optimization all done for you.
  • Optional: Syndicate your piece from The Geek Writer to The Geek Writer's Medium publication.
  • Free Resources for Content Creators like my Blog Publishing Checklist and my book when it becomes available.

So, what kind of content do I accept?

  • Geeky TV Show Reviews.
  • Movie Reviews.
  • Book Reviews (preferably Sci-Fi or Fantasy books).
  • Content Creator advice (Writing tips, blogging advice, tools for content creators, etc.)
  • Personal Essays aimed at teaching or entertaining geeks or content creators (or both).

How does this work?

Thanks for your interest in writing for The Geek Writer! Registration is simple! you need to fill out this form embedded below with your name, email address, what you like to write about, and a sample of your writing if at all.

I'll get to your submission, and if it's a fit for The Geek Writer, I'll reach out to invite you as a writer.

Once you become a writer for this website, you will be able to login to the editor with your personal username and password and start writing! I will go over your work, edit and enhance as needed, and publish! Sounds good?

Ready? Then let's GO! Sign up here:


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