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Hopping on the Telegram Craze

We have a new channel on Telegram!

Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen
2 min read
Hopping on the Telegram Craze

TL;DR - I started a channel + group for The Geek Writer on Telegram! You are the first to know! Join here.

It's been very illuminating to watch the world turn away from WhatsApp and decide to embrace apps like Telegram and Signal instead.

All of that because people have actually started caring for their privacy. Suppose that's not the main reason people are turning away from WhatsApp. In that case, it's because they are beginning to realize how big Facebook has become.

You'd think that Facebook would wake up and offer people a paid service with no ads to foster some loyalty by now. But I guess the people in management don't see it that way.

In any case, I started a Telegram channel + group for The Geek Writer. The decision was, first and foremost, an optional one. The rest of my publishing channels remain the same.

I needed to find a way to keep this low-maintenance. Once I hit publish on an article, the Telegram channel would be automatically updated, and then we can start discussing it.

Times like this is when it pays off to be a software engineer! I utilized a bot to do it :)

So, from now on, when I publish a new article, we will get notified automatically. If you are the kind of reader who wants to be informed about the pieces I post throughout the week and wants to discuss them with other readers, this is for you. I will send only 1-2 emails tops during the week. Still, I'm also moving over my old articles from Medium and updating them. For those articles, you aren't getting notified.

So, if you want to join The Geek Writer on Telegram, you can join here. I would love to discuss them with you!

See you on Friday's regular blog post :)

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