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Dimension 20 Codex: Your New Information Center

The Dimension 20 Codex is an under construction resource that includes all information new fans want to know about the show.

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Welcome to the D20 Codex. This article includes everything you want to know about Dimension 20 seasons (spoiler-free), and I will update it as more seasons will be released.

Notice: This article is currently Under Construction. The last update is from Oct. 25th, 2021.

As of October 2021, the Dimension 20 Anthology consists of eleven seasons. Five core cast seasons and six side quests. Side quests are shorter seasons with only four, six, or ten episodes. Full seasons are usually 17-18 episodes. All Seasons' game master is Brennan Lee Mulligan, with the exception of Misfits and Magic, DM'd by Aabria Iyengar.

The eleven seasons are Fantasy High, Fantasy High: Sophomore Year, The Unsleeping City, The Unsleeping City Chapter II, A Crown of Candy, Escape From The Blood Keep, Tiny Heist, Pirates of Leviathan, Mice & Murder, Misfits and Magic, and The Seven.

In each season, we will explore the world the campaign takes place in and the player characters. I will also include a short premise to let you get a general vibe for the season.

Let's dive right in, shall we?

How Many Episodes Are There in Dimension 20?

There are currently 132 episodes of Dimension 20 across all seasons (up to and including The Seven).

How Many Seasons of Dimension 20 Are There?

There are currently Eleven seasons of Dimension 20.

Fantasy High (2018)

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Fantasy High is the season that started it all. Released in 2018 as the first season of the Dimension 20 Anthology, it is now freely available on YouTube. The season follows the adventures of six students of the Ageufort Adventuring Academy.

The group that would become the "Core Cast" are playing the six player-characters of this season. That's how I will refer to them in the next seasons' descriptions too.

The players are Emily Axford (She/Her), Brian Murphy (He/Him), Siobhan Thompson (She/Her), Lou Wilson (He/Him), Zac Oyama (He/Him), and Ally Beardsley (They/Them).

The Game Master, as always, is Brennan Lee Mulligan (He/Him).

Here is this season's original trailer:

Campaign World

This campaign takes place in a world called Spyre. Basically, it's a medieval world, with the only exception being Elmville. That town resembles more the 1950s to the 1980s' America.

Image: Dropout

Player Characters

The characters' descriptions are from Dimension 20's Fandom site.

Figueroth "Fig" Faeth (She/Her)

Fig loves to deceive, perform and make inappropriate love connections. She is a tiefling bard. Emily Axford plays her.

Adaine Abernant (She/Her)

Adaine suffers from panic attacks. She's the youngest daughter of a Fallinel diplomat and a Hudol professor, with an absolute bitch of a sister, Aelwyn (she's not that bad, once you get to know her). Adaine is a High Elf wizard. Siobhan Thompson plays her.

Riz "The Ball" Gukgak (He/Him)

Riz is an unlicensed private investigator (Goblin Rogue) looking into the disappearances of missing girls from Aguefort. Brian Murphy plays him.

Fabian Aramais Seacaster (He/Him)

The proud and seemingly confident son of the famous Bill Seacaster, Fabian wishes to take up the Seacaster name's mantle and live up to his father's infamous legacy. Lou Wilson plays him.

Gorgug Thistlespring (He/ Him)

Gorgug was adopted by gnomish tinkerers Wilma and Digby Thistlespring. He often makes wrong guesses about who his biological dad is. He's a half-orc Barbarian. Zac Oyama plays him.

Kristen Applebees (She/Her)

She was sent to this world to share the healing power of Helio. Kristen is a human cleric. Ally Beardsley plays her.

Fantasy High: Sophomore Year (2019)

Image: Dropout

This season is also known by the name "Dimension 20 Live." The reason is that Dropout streamed most of its episodes live on Twitch. This season ended at the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The cast recorded its finale on a conference video call and later released it instead of streaming live.

This season is a direct sequel to Fantasy High.

The cast is the same core cast, and the season takes place in the same world of Spyre.

Campaign World


Player Characters


The Unsleeping City (2019)


The Unsleeping City Chapter II (2020)


Under Construction! More content will be added soon! Feel free to add questions and information you want to be added in the comments below!