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Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen

Hey everybody!

Thank you so much for reading this newsletter. This newsletter is the first-ever on the geek writer, which I'm sending through my Ghost blog. As you know, I moved to Ghost to focus my content. Moving to this platform has been a bumpy road because I didn't know what I wanted to do.

I tried Substack, Squarespace, WordPress, and Ghost is the only platform that allows me to own my content and is used as a CMS and can also help me create content, which is distributable to many other platforms around the web. As a content creator, it's truly a home that I can use to reach out to everywhere that I want to be.

Now, what does it mean for you? All this was about me, but what does it mean for you? That is the critical part. For me, we're talking about comfort, but using Ghost is my way of making sure that you receive the best content that I can produce. When I'm using Ghost, I can quickly move this content from my blog to medium and other platforms, too.

Also, this platform is my own space on the internet. And I can share with you whatever I want here. There are no content guidelines that I need to adhere to to make my message to you as transparent as possible.

That comes with downsides and upsides.

The downside is that I have to bring traffic to this newsletter to make it work. That means that I need to publish my stuff on Medium or other platforms and then get people back to this platform. This way, people come back to here instead of those platforms. I don't mean to create my home on Medium or other social media sites.

I plan to make my home on this turf, this website. And when you have a space on the internet, a place that is yours, it's a fantastic feeling. I want that for you. If you're a content creator like me, I want that for you. And that's the good thing about Ghost because it's versatile, it's open source.

If I wanted to make changes to how this website works, I could do it easily. I'm hosting this website on their paid service. So I don't need to take care of anything related to email servers and SSL certificates and all of these things. That's why I chose Ghost, but as quickly as it was for me to select Ghost, you can choose WordPress or Squarespace or some other platform out there that you want to use for your content. When you're starting and have no audience, you want to find your home in a place where people can easily reach you.

That's why I usually recommend new writers to start on Medium because it's a very progressive community, and it's a platform that works for you. If you're writing content that helps people, it works for you to make sure new people find and consume that content. But it only works when you make it something people want to read. And once it is, people will find you because the platform makes sure to distribute content that matters to people who might want to consume it.

When you're in your own website and have no audience, you're writing in a void, you're writing for yourself, but you're not doing anything to bring readers to you.

One thing that can bring people to you is investing time and effort in search engine optimization. But the returns on search engine optimization are in the long run. You want your blog to be known, and you want to reach people, reach more hearts in the short run and not the long run.

That can happen when you syndicate your pieces to Medium and through that platform, add more people to your email list. That's one thing that you should do.

If we're talking about email, you should also know that you can use this email to log in to The Geek Writer if you are receiving this email from me. Once you do that, you can access pages on the website that I will dedicate to members only.

That will be a safe place for you to access a community that will be only for members. So gifts that I want to give people who sign up for my paid plans. There will be stuff for people that also sign up for my free plans. That's all right. There is a lot of potential here, but it all hinges on producing valuable content. That's the only reason I'm doing all of this effort. I want to reach your heart. I want to help you, and I want to give value to you. All of this doesn't matter if no one on the other side says, yes, this helps me. Yes. This just made my day. Yes. This is exactly what I didn't know that I needed.

Yes, perhaps my content creation in the last few months has been a little sporadic and not very focused. I've been through some stuff with myself, and the pandemic didn't help, but yeah, now I'm back to creating content.

I started on NewsBreak, and just yesterday, I saw the first payment on my bank account, which means that now I can confirm that NewsBreak pays out the money they promise. That's one thing that's now motivating me because I know that I only need to publish for now, at least until I have 500 followers on NewsBreak, three pieces a week.

On news break and it can be pieces that are already published elsewhere. It doesn't have to be fresh, original content, and I will get in the first three months, which one of them already passed. I will get a thousand dollars a month. That's incredible. In all my time on Medium, I didn't make as much money as I made on NewsBreak from 12 pieces a month.

Now, Medium is a long game. I won't lie or try to force a different opinion on you. Medium is a long game. I don't know what happens to pieces that I published on NewsBreak in the long run.

That's not something that was discussed when joining the creator program. I don't know if they have a curation system, like on Medium. Still, the difference is that on Medium, if you continue to pump out good content, Medium will curate your pieces.

That's something that will happen regardless of what you want to achieve on the platform. Suppose you're doing it for money or doing it for exposure. Once people notice you and mark you as a content creator on the platform that wants to help people, they will flock to you. They will want to read what you have to say. They will want to help you out. They will want to consume more of your content. Especially if something you wrote struck a chord and they want to hear more and see more. They will reach out to you.

All my time on Medium, I didn't focus on making money. I focused on honing my writing skill. Until that point, I was writing mostly stuff on a WordPress blog about gaming and my fantasy world. And then, I realized that I was very passionate about content creation because I am very good with platforms.

I'm very good at doing development stuff like setting up a blog or social media channels. My education in Computer Science is beneficial in Making sure I explain things in a simple way to someone that doesn't have that knowledge. So that's why I'm writing about opening blogs and setting up stuff in a straightforward way.

Aside from Content Creation, I'm also passionate about video games. I have strong opinions about fantastic races and the future, like developers portray it in games like CyberPunk or Mass Effect. I'm very engrossed in the story that they tell me in video games, which fills me with joy.

The same goes for books about fantasy or science fiction. I'm interested in the future and things that happen once we detach ourselves from 2020 and our contemporary world and throw ourselves into the future or the past. These are the things that I'm writing about—either writing about fantasy, which is short stories, or my fantasy book that I'm thoroughly neglecting.

Suppose you want to give a vast topic to what I write about. In that case, I write about the story because the story is an element in everything I mentioned.

When I write about video games, the story will be highlighted in the piece. When I write about blogging, your story will be highlighted. When I write about content creation, then the 'why' is the story. These things are. important to imagine in your mind when you set yourself out on this journey

This email is a very kind of different newsletter because what I'm doing here now is giving you a taste of what I'm going to do in the future. Of course, there will be sections to this newsletter. For example, guest posts, a digest of my posts, and some other sections I'll develop for the next piece.

I'm still trying to decide whether I should do this newsletter biweekly or monthly. Please reply to this email or comment on this post on my website what you prefer.

I'm also doing a kind of different writing because I noticed that my writing flows better than when I write when I talk. Sometimes I will write sentences that are not very sticky together. Not flowing very well together. What you're reading will probably be heavily edited from what I created. Still, it will be a better way for me actually to dictate and then edit my recording.

I learned that from a creator called Jonathan Green - a best seller on Amazon. I'm going to try it because my time investment has been a decisive element in my creative process. And while I am not really in a position to create full-time, I want to make sure that the time I do set apart to create is as effective as possible.

The clock in front of me shows that I talked for 20 minutes. I already spoke for, like, perhaps more than 2000 words, which I would usually only do in a couple of hours when I actively write the words. So that's a considerable experience and an experiment for me.

I will write about it in the coming days, and it might become a tool for you to use as well. And I will try to perfect the process so I can explain it to you more easily.

Thank you so much for reading this email. I am super excited about this new part of our journey together.

If you have any questions or suggestions about topics that you want to hear from me that you want me to write about, please don't hesitate. This is all for you. I'm doing all of this for you. That's why we're here.

If there is something that you're passionate about that you want to hear from me, please ask me, and I will do my best to create that for you.

Thank you very much, and have a fantastic weekend.

See you in the next one!



Oren Cohen

I'm a software engineer, blogger, and aspiring fantasy novelist. Helping geeks build online homes. Reach out! I don't bite :)


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