The Geek Letter #3: Flying Abroad For a Month!

For the past several weeks, the thought I'm going to fly abroad has been on my mind. And on Monday, it's finally happening.

Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen

For the past several weeks, the thought I'm going to fly abroad has been on my mind. And on Monday, it's finally happening.

I'm going to visit my brother who lives in the United States. I'll be staying in Austin, Texas. And I have mixed feelings about this trip.

For one, I'll have to work from there. This isn't a weekend trip. I'll be staying there for almost all of July before coming back to Israel. And I can't afford to take so many vacation days. On the other hand, I'll take about a week of vacation to enjoy time with my brother's family and the fact that I'm abroad.

There's a second thing on my mind. According to tradition, the time we're going to spend in America falls within several weeks leading up to Tisha B'Av. That is a fast in Judaism about the destruction of the holy temple, twice (yes, it happened on the same day). So, we usually treat this period as a time of mourning and not celebration. It's also customary not to make any deals or start new things during this time. There are also several restrictions about music and such. Don't worry. I won't turn this letter into a religious lesson. It's just that it weighs on my mind.

While I'm there, I plan to do several things in anticipation of the period after Tisha B'Av (July 18th):

  1. Record a mini-course or two about writing on Medium.
  2. Record more videos for my YouTube Channel about writing and blogging software and tutorials.
  3. Write about the new Dimension 20 show coming out this coming Wednesday.
  4. Invest some time and effort into my Etsy shop - I haven't created new designs for quite a while, and I believe that it's essential that I do so.
  5. In addition, I'm also exploring the possibility of publishing digital templates or other digital products on Etsy. It seems those really take off and essentially act as passive income since Etsy sends the files themselves without you having to ship anything. If I would have offered such a product - what would you like to see? What problem would such a product solve for you?
  6. Invest some time to explore Low Content Books with Amazon KDP. I've been diving into a YouTube rabbit hole about Low-Content books on KDP, and it seems that it is also an amazing venue to try, especially now that we are getting closer to Q4 and the holidays.

If there is anything specific you'd like me to cover and share more about, let me know!

The timing of these letters will not change as I scheduled to send them a long time ago. So, I might be abroad from next week, but you'll still get these letters on time :)

For this Friday, I'll keep this letter short. I'll have some exciting things to share with you next week.

Thank you for reading!


Oren Cohen

I'm a software engineer, blogger, and aspiring fantasy novelist. Helping geeks build online homes. Reach out! I don't bite :)


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