The Geek Letter #2: YouTube Rising

Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen

Hey Dragons!

How are you doing? I hope this week has been great for you!

Today I want to share that I've been working on creating Ghost tutorials. I want to add value to creators, and I know many of you have been curious about the Ghost publishing platform. So, I'm creating a special playlist on my YouTube channel just for Ghost tutorials!

Here's the first one:

Oren's YouTube Channel

I'm accompanying these videos with written articles, too, for those of you who prefer to read instead of watch (you have a special place in my heart).

Here's the article associated with the video above:

How to Schedule Posts With Ghost
Save time with Ghost’s built-in scheduling feature. It will allow you to save time and automate your publishing.

The videos are short, sweet, and practical! I also add an invite to my Ghost Publishing 101 free course in each of them! If you were on the fence about getting this one, you still have time! It's free, but I may stop offering it soon:

Ghost Publishing 101

In other news, I haven't written a new chapter today, but I plan to do so a bit later today. It will be after this newsletter will have made its way to your inbox, so you'll get the chapter next week!

If you are interested in getting it immediately, please follow me on Ko-Fi, as the chapters are published primarily on that platform! You can find me by clicking here:

Now, before the battery on my mac dies, let me wish you a great weekend! Below you'll find my bookmarks for the week!

Sending lots of love your way,

My Bookmarks For The Week

Zulie's interviews are always fun. After declaring taking a break from Medium, this interview appeared on my YouTube feed and reinvigorated me:

Here's another article that really made me think. "Never call it a newsletter again" Besides having a perfect headline, this article also makes a few interesting points about content creation. Read it and tell me what you think:

Never Call It a Newsletter Again
7 tips that will compel your audience to read yours

And here's the last one for today. Tom Kuegler, as usual. The perfect listicle!

50 Things I’ve Learned Publishing On Medium For 5 Years
This June marks 5 years on Medium

Enjoy and share your comments below, or by replying to this email!

Much love!


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