The Clock Is Ticking For Founding Members

It's time to act fast.

Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen
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When I started using Ghost, I knew a day would come that I would have to believe in my worth to say that some of my words will be under a paywall.

And that day is already here.

For the past several posts I sent to people on my email list, I included that until March 31st, I have a founding member rate of $7/month or $70/year. March 31st is fast approaching and I wanted to take this opportunity to offer people to join again.

What does it mean to be a paid subscriber?

Here are some benefits of joining my paid newsletter:

  • Private area on Discord to ask questions about your websites, writing, and more.
  • Any course materials I released (Fantasy writing, Character creation, and more).
  • Be the first to beta test new content.
  • No ads on paywalled posts. If you've already paid to see a post, I won't let ads litter it for you.
  • More TBA as we grow.

And what's going to happen to free content?

By the deadline, I'm going to have over 200 articles on this website. When March 31st arrives, I'll start posting one free and one paid article every week. So, paid subscribers will get more of the same, basically.

But, if inspiration seems to strike and I happen to write even extra, they will always be paid articles.

What topics am I going to cover?

You all know I'm writing for content creators. I'm religiously looking for new ways for content creators to make money, build an audience, and thrive post-pandemic.

Some topics include among others:

  • Introduction to content creation platforms.
  • Tools overview for content creators.
  • Writing Advice.
  • Technical Guides.
  • Geek stuff (TV shows, Video Games, and more) - this content will always be free.
  • Whatever you want me to write about.

What your money will help me do?

For starters, it will help pay the costs of hosting for this website. I'm currently paying a monthly fee of around $40 which is not too bad. But I'm also self-hosting this website. Once I get my initial paid subscribers, I can move back to which might cost more for more than a thousand subscribers, but once I get even 10 monthly paying subscribers that's $70 dollars which will cover the hosting costs.

In addition, more paying members will allow me to create better value for you. Getting paid for my work means I can hire an editor to polish my writing, I can hire a ghost writer to write the things I don't have time to write, and I can invest in tools for high-value content like a camera for YouTube videos.

How to Subscribe?

You can subscribe by clicking here and filling out your information. The payments are powered by Stripe and are fully secure.

If you're seeing this on the web, the same link will work. You can also click on the subscribe button on the lower right side of the screen, or the red "membership" link in the upper right side of the screen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask! You can reply to this in your inbox, or post a question in the comments when you view this on the web!

Thank you for reading!


Oren Cohen

I'm a software engineer, blogger, and aspiring fantasy novelist. Helping geeks build online homes. Reach out! I don't bite :)


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