Predictions for Dimension 20: The Unsleeping City Chapter 2's Finale

Predictions for Dimension 20: The Unsleeping City Chapter 2's Finale
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As of writing these words, There are less than four hours before The Unsleeping City Chapter 2's finale released on Dropout.

I love this show, and I decided to release a small prediction into the universe about where our six players will find themselves by the end of this season.

Obviously, spoilers for this entire season! You've been warned :)

Let's dive in!


The lesson that we learned from facing Null is that loneliness and not being present in the moment can have dire consequences. I believe that Pete will take this lesson to heart and invest more time in his recovery meetings as he keeps working in his library towards a better future for himself.

If Null's possession of Nod can be reversed in the dream world, the monarch of dreams will restore Nod to its former glory, and Pete will be instrumental in making it happen.


Sofie got Dale back after so long and is waiting for an angelic baby to be born. I believe that if Sofie keeps Dale safe during this last stretch before the dragon will be born, she and Dale will have a fantastic future waiting for them.

I'm uncertain what will happen with her relationship with La Gran Gata. Sofie was using those powers as a coping mechanism for so long that now that she got Dale back and can really heal, she might loosen her grip on being the La Gran Gata's champion.


I love that Kingston will finally be able to live his dream of having a child. Brennan already alluded that some people didn't even know they were dragons if they grew up in human forms without someone to teach them.

I believe Kingston and Liz might decide to give this child the benefit of a happy, carefree childhood before they thrust upon him the responsibilities of being the "memory keeper" of New York City.


I feel like Iga might discover she is a dragon in human form. We won't see Iga until the champions will free her from Null's grasp. Supposedly that should happen when Null will be defeated.

Unless something can happen during the beginning or middle of this final episode that will free Iga, she might not appear during most of this episode.


The gang teased Ricky to buy a ring and propose to Esther this entire season, and I think he will finally do something about it.

Ricky will keep being Kugrash's champion in the city and keep helping people because that's just who he is. Whether he decides not to use weapons or not will not change that more significant goal of being a hero to other people.


Cody has finally understood that he could have spent his time differently. And while he is Lucifer's knight now, he will still keep learning and advancing.

I think that despite the motivations that thrust Cody into this adventure in the first place, the mall days are long gone.

Bonus: Rowan

Rowan's visit and help allowed us to shed some light in her direction. She will keep growing her new Faerie court into a little kingdom.

Rowan is a being that lived for thousands of years and has immortality in front of her. I don't she's in a rush to get things done.


This season was excellent, and I'm sad it's ending in a few hours. I'll be asleep by then, but I'll be watching with you from the Dream Realm.

What did you think about this season? What are your predictions for this finale? Let's discuss this in the comments!

Thank you for reading.