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Some changes are incoming!

Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen

Hey, dear readers!

It's Oren and I have some important news for you.

Website Layout

Over the next few days, the layout of this blog will change to accommodate topic pages. The purpose of this move is to allow me to include guest posts in a more visible way, and to also include posts that I don't necessarily send you over email like I do every Friday!

The latest version of Ghost included a major feature that allows me to send emails filtered via labels. Which means that I can segment the readers who will receive an email. For example, if you're interested in programming, which is another topic I started writing about, I can publish an article and only those people with that tag will receive it and not all of my subscribers.

There isn't still a way to automatically add labels to subscribers so I'll update about that sometime soon.

Face Change

You might have noticed that I don't use "The Geek Writer" anymore for the name of the website. It's just Oren Cohen now with the URL and logo the only parts of the website that includes that tagline.

I'm doing this because I want a more personal approach to my writing. I'm not an expert, I'm on a journey - just like the article I sent you earlier today.

As time goes by I will also create more content on my YouTube Channel based on the articles I publish here.

Fantasy Story

Now that I'm using my website as myself, I'm going to share a long-dream of mine and write a Fantasy story which has been on my mind for a while.

By the time I start publishing chapters here, I want to have a special label so I can send it for people interested.

Another way to get my chapters will be by joining my Ko-Fi, which we'll talk about next:

Enter Ko-Fi

I used to have a Patreon in the past. Then, when  I realized that there are some people who want to show their support for my writing without a subscription, I realized I'm not giving the that chance by being on Patreon.

So, I decided to try a Ko-Fi gold for a year and see where it goes. Here are the benefits you'll get if you decide to support me there:

  • Posts will show up there before anywhere else.
  • YouTube videos will show up on Ko-Fi before being released to the public.
  • Some content will be exclusive to the Ko-Fi page.
  • Anyone who supports me there in a monthly subscription will automatically receive a complimentary subscription on here, too, without paying twice.
  • My fantasy story will show up there before being published to here and
  • Ko-Fi supporters will receive a 20% off coupon for anything on my Etsy store available for the month they supported in.
  • Ko-Fi supporters (as do paid blog subscribers) will be able to beta test paid products before anyone else.
  • And more as time goes on and I get used to Ko-Fi. There are a LOT of features yet to explore!

You can support my next notebook (or coffee) on my Ko-Fi page:

Thank you for reading!

Sending lots of love your way and I'll see you on the next post!

Oren Cohen

I'm a software engineer, blogger, and aspiring fantasy novelist. Helping geeks build online homes. Reach out! I don't bite :)


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