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Income Streams: Why You Should Never Have Just One

When you only have one income stream, you make life difficult for yourself. I'll show you how it affected mine. Don't make my mistake!

Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen
5 min read
During our road trip on highway 66 we stopped at a local shop and I spotted in a dark corner this old map with pins and currencies left by visitors from all over the planet.
Photo by Christine Roy / Unsplash

I see many creators perfectly content in their day job, creating content on the side, never making their blog or YouTube channel, or podcast - the things they are genuinely passionate about - anything more than a hobby.

You should never have just one income stream because having only one will imprison you by whoever is paying you that money. You will not be able to take risks and tie your life to your employer. Let me show you how that felt for me a few years ago.

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