How to Make Your Writing Dreams Come True

How to Make Your Writing Dreams Come True

It's an adage that no one can write your book for you. Technically, with the dawn of Ghostwriting, it's not even real anymore. People can write your book for you, but it won't be precisely how you want it.

In case you don't know, November is the (Inter)National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. Why international? Well, I'm from Israel, and I'm participating. Good enough reason to call it international.

I've been trying to write stories in the NaNoWriMo challenges of 2017-2018. Last year I gave up on the challenge.

Now, I feel more ready. I have a writing habit that helps me get more done, and I have a story that needs to see the light of day.

So, what does that mean for you?
Primarily, it means I'll post fewer blog posts. I'll participate less on social media as well. But, I'll post all of my writing right here on my website.
Will it be my most perfect work? No, it might even include contradictions. I will need to edit it after finishing it, but November's challenge aims to reach the end. No editing allowed. Not even Grammar mistakes. That's why I'm going to write the story in my Notion account and build a wiki of terms I spew along the way.

What's my state entering into this challenge? I work a full-time day job. Do I have lots of time to write? Not really. Do I feel confident about finishing my story? Don't know. Technically, I would have to write 1667 words every day to complete the challenge in time. I hope that I won't be as robotic about it as it sounds. If I reach flow, I anticipate writing more than that exact number.

Want to read the first draft of my story as I write it? Sign up on this form to get the daily emails:

I'll be sending emails with my draft-quality writing. So, don't expect polished work. but at least it's going to be progress.

I'm motivated to complete this story because I have already published one story on Amazon which received positive feedback about the world I'm creating.

Now I'm curious to see how people will react to see this world more in-depth.

Good luck to all of us!