Dimension 20 Season Reveal: Mice & Murder

Dimension 20 Season Reveal: Mice & Murder
Image: Dropout's Dimension 20.

Earlier today, Dimension 20 released a teaser to the new Side Quest season arriving in a few weeks. It's short but there a few things to cover here in terms of predictions for the next season.

Here is the trailer:

Dimension 20's YouTube Channel

Watched it? Then let the speculation begin!

The Dry Details

UPDATE: Dropout updated that this season will premiere on April 7th.

UPDATE #2: Andrew Bridgeman updated on Dropout's Discord that this season will be longer than the traditional six episodes for a side-quest.

From this trailer, we only know the name of the new season - Mice & Murder.

Note that we didn't get a release date from this teaser, nor did we get information about who the cast members are. Maybe that will come next week when the full teaser trailer will be released.

The Setting

The magnifying glass combined with the wintery weather and the houses' shape gives me a Sherlock Holmes vibe. From the eight seasons Dimension 20 had so far, there was no Sherlock Holmes kind of season which is the hint that the Dropout newsletter gave us last week.

Fantasy high and its live sequel were a John Hughes game of D&D, and The Unsleeping City and its sequel were a New York adventure. A Crown of Candy was a Game of Thrones kind of season. So we are left with the three side quests: Escape from The Blood Keep, Tiny Heist, and Pirates of Leviathan.

Escape from The Blood Keep was a fantasy setting that deals with the what-ifs of a Lord of The Rings kind of world. Tiny Heist was an ocean eleven's kind of season. And Pirates of Leviathan was a piratical season set in the world of Fantasy High.

Besides, in my mind, the word Murder in the title, combined with a magnifying glass, is another clear sign that this will be a Sherlock Holmes kind of season.


For now, it seems that this season will be a Sherlock Holmes-themed season. It's a side quest, so our heroes will only have about six episodes to solve the riddle that Brennan will pose for them.

That's all we know so far from this little teaser. Next week the full trailer will release, and we will have more to discuss.

I will update this article with more information when the official channels release it. Feel free to tip me off in the comments and share your opinions and observations!