5 Harsh Truths About Being an Online Writer

5 Harsh Truths About Being an Online Writer
man looking haggard working on his laptop.
Image: Licensed by author from iStock.com

I opened my first serious blog on the internet in 2011. That was Alive2Play which I wrote about in the past. After that idea dissolved, I settled for less and opened a personal blog where I won’t have a team to disappoint.

In February 2019, I joined Medium and started my writing journey on a platform where people come to read and not just stumble upon your article on a google search.

I learned a lot during the last decade. Some of those lessons were hard, and up until very recently, life reminded me that I still couldn’t internalize them. So I decided to write about them instead. That way, I might transfer those truths to young writers while also facing them myself.

Let’s begin.