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Hi, I'm Oren Cohen

Welcome to my little slice of The Internet! I'm so glad you are here! The Geek Writer has been a dream come true for me. I always wanted a home on the internet where it was easy to tweak with and change however I wanted with ease. Using Ghost I can finally do that and make this website truly my own.

I can't let you stand at the door way and not welcome you inside my home! In the Blog tab you can find all of my free blog content. In the Members tab you will find all of the paid members content. You can access the page itself but you will have to subscribe to access actual premium content, and you can also check out the other tabs at the top bar. Sometimes I have a tab for NaNoWriMo, sometimes I'll put something else over there like a free gift or something.

If you're asking yourself what I write about, then let me assure you. I'm true to my name. The Geek Writer is about two things above all else:

  1. Geeky content like video game reviews, Let's play streams, book reviews and super hero or magical TV shows. Lately leaning into TTRPG shows too. Dimension 20 is my current favorite and Brennan Lee Mulligan is my best friend.
  2. Writing advice in all forms. I have written about 5,000,000 words on the internet in various platforms online. Mostly Medium during the last two years. If you're a writer and want me to hold your hand as you start your online blogging journey, head over to the members area and see if subscribing to my membership plan suits your needs.

I believe that's enough introduction. At the side bar you can see all of my social media handlers and can follow me wherever you feel comfortable. If you like what you read on my blog, you will have the opportunity to join my email list at the end of each post. Hoping to see more of you soon!

Last updated: Nov. 2020.